About The Mayer Group

Dedicating your best years to serving our country, you travel across the globe, endure hardship, and give your time preparing, fighting, and winning our nation’s wars. Now, you find yourself needing help and not knowing where to turn.

Regardless of the punishment you face, you need a lawyer in your corner to tell your story and fight for the things that are important to you–your career, your family, your freedom, and your good name.

By retaining a civilian military lawyer, you build a team to work for your interests–a team you both need and deserve. It is a court-martial defense team that consists of both civilian counsel and your assigned military defense counsel. You don’t just need a lawyer; you need a military lawyer who understands what it means to serve.

You spent so much of your youth fighting for the freedom and rights of others. Now, it’s time to fight for yourself.

Our Goal

is to provide veterans and servicemembers with worldwide, experienced, thorough, and high-quality representation for military law cases.

Our Location

Where are we? We’re Worldwide. Our office is designed to travel anywhere for trials, hearings, and boards. We are here to help Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines at installations around the world, including the Pacific Rim, Europe, and the Middle East. We even represented a client in Baghdad during combat operations.

You serve worldwide, and so do we.

Our Professionals

Meet The Mayer Group:

Our Volume

Some law offices thrive on high-volume practice. They balance dozens of courts-martial and charge extremely low fees. We believe clients suffer when represented by one of these high-volume firms. Often, these court-martial lawyers seek the quickest and easiest solution, not the right one.

Are you willing to trust your future, your career, your freedom, and your good name to the lowest bidder?

Each military trial requires weeks (if not months) of preparation, and we accept no more than 6 courts-martial each year in order to ensure adequate preparation.

Our clients deserve personal attention. They do not deserve to be just another faceless number. Clients pay for time, attention, preparation, and quality representation. With us, that is what you receive.

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