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Correcting Military Records

Changes/corrections to military records are done for a variety of reasons.

Active servicemembers may have something negative in their file such as a memorandum of reprimand or nonjudicial punishment. These can prevent further promotions or duty assignments. Most times, the negative information was placed into someone’s official file years ago, and, now that they are considered for promotion or selection, old wounds are reopened.

Individuals who are now out of the military may want their DD-214 corrected or adjusted based on similar reasons. It may be that the form contains negative or unwanted information, or it may merely contain a simple error. To correct these forms, one must apply to their service’s board for the correction of military records.

Finally, those who previously applied to upgrade their discharge or reentry code may be seeking another way of changing their records.

For all of these, the several boards for the correction of military records exist to give servicemembers and former servicemembers the chance to get a fair shake. However, the rules are complex, and preparation can be overwhelming and tedious.

Additionally, it may be that criminal records exist, even if you are never convicted or punished. Often, this is in the form of criminal investigator determinations called “titling”.  These result in permanent records placed in both military and  FBI crime databases, and they can be discovered by a variety of different government and civilian agencies. You may appeal this action and remove the determinations from your records.

Don’t go down this path alone. Your military records can help you in life and provide you with amazing benefits, or they may hurt you just as much and deny you the benefits that your friends enjoy. Do what is necessary to make your military career count for something positive, not something negative.

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