Phone Conferences

Consultations should be valuable to you.

Free consultations offered by lawyers are not designed to help you. They are an advertising tool. Made popular by personal injury lawyers, free consultations assist law office staff members in determining which cases are most likely to enrich a law firm.

Our consultations are designed to provide you with valuable information and analysis of your case. For this reason, we charge a fee for consultation services.

Time is a valuable commodity.

Understanding that lawyers are paid for their time, expertise, and knowledge, this fee is designed to ensure that Mr. Mayer spends his time with those who understand the value of legal services and are serious about securing the best legal advice for their case. Remember the adage “You get what you pay for?” This is true for consultations. Free consultations are a tool for a lawyer (or their staff) to sell services. Paid consultations with The Mayer Group are designed to take an in-depth look at your case and provide you with valuable information. You will speak with Mr. Mayer, not a member of the staff.

These telephone conferences are 20-45 minutes in length and are designed to give you greater awareness of your case, potential outcomes, and procedures. The conference/consultation fee is $80.

Please note: these are telephone conferences only. They are not video conferences.

To begin the process and schedule a conference with Mr. Mayer, click on the “Schedule Consultation” graphic. After scheduling a consultation, please return to this page in order to pay the consultation fee. A request for consultation will be deleted if the accompanying fee is not paid at the time of scheduling.

Please note that your consultation will not be added to Mr. Mayer’s calendar until you schedule a time and pay the $80 consultation fee.

The scheduling link is here.

The payment link is here.

Mr. Mayer will call you at the appointed time to discuss your matter, provide insight, and appraise your possibilities and probabilities. Please note that you will receive a call at the time of the consultation from our main office number: 855-254-1221.