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Can I get my military discharge upgraded?

Posted May 18th, 2020 in Discharge Upgrade Lawyer

Potential clients ask me this all the time. So, let me provide you a complete, but brief, answer.

“Can I get my military discharge upgraded?”

Answer: Yes or Maybe. This is a very subjective thing, but it is always possible. It takes work. You have to put together a great case, support it with solid evidence, and demonstrate that you deserve something better than the discharge you received. Are the boards difficult? Sometimes, yes. Most of the time, it depends. If they have a good reason to upgrade a discharge, they usually hang onto that reason and provide relief to the veteran.

However, there is one occasion in which a discharge upgrade is completely impossible. That is if you never attempt to have it upgraded. Then, keeping that less-than-honorable discharge is a guarantee.

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