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The VA Claim Conundrum

Posted December 26th, 2013

VA claim appeals cases are an interesting subject among those of us who dedicate all or most of our practice to being a military lawyer. Most, like me, avoid these cases. In our estimation, not-for-profit advocacy groups and volunteers seem to be effective and successful. Additionally, finding a VA appeal that is worthwhile and not… Read More

The Changes are In

Posted December 20th, 2013

It is official, the UCMJ is changing, and alleged victims of sexual assault will no longer be required to testify at Article 32 hearings, dealing a huge blow to one of the most important tools for military lawyers who defend these types of cases. Via the Washington Post. Congress passed a broad set of changes… Read More

Things are about to get ugly for Army Captains and Majors

Posted December 17th, 2013

In the latest rounds of cuts, the Army plans to cut several thousand Company and Field Grade officers. These mid-range officers will be subject to administrative separation. No doubt, military lawyers will be watching these developments. It will be interesting to see if they pursue less-than-honorable characterizations for any with derogatory information. Stay tuned. Via… Read More

Gillibrand’s Reforms Appear to be Slipping Away

Posted December 9th, 2013

As stated before, military attorneys across the services are watching with great anticipation to see what changes to the Uniform Code of Military Justice will be brought by the latest defense authorization bill. Now, it looks like the more radical reforms will not be considered, as Senator Gillibrand’s bill will fall procedurally short of a… Read More

Insight into British Military Law

Posted December 9th, 2013

If you’ve been following the murder trial in the UK concerning a Royal Marine, it provides an interesting insight into their court-martial system. More information can be found here.

Honorable Discharge: The Goal

Posted December 9th, 2013

We always try to allow someone to continue their career in the military. If that doesn’t work (or is impossible), then our goal is always an Honorable Discharge. Today, we are thrilled that a good person will receive one of those, despite being accused of fraudulent enlistment. This is great news for a military lawyer… Read More