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Court-Martial Begins for Former Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Posted December 3rd, 2013 in General

The last few years have seen some enhanced scrutiny of military sexual assaults and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This was one of the noteworthy cases that added fuel to the fire, causing congress to move forward this year with radical proposals for UCMJ reform. It was largely overblown and used as an example of a purportedly broken system, but it is still worth a bit of attention. Though, I doubt the verdict will have an effect on any of the upcoming bills before congress.

Most military lawyers are watching closely, trying as hard as we can to keep our finger on the pulse of the changes. Via USA Today.

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — Female soldiers at Fort Hood testified Monday that they were recruited for a prostitution ring set up by a sergeant involved in the sexual assault and harassment program at the Central Texas post.

The testimony came as the court-martial began for another Fort Hood soldier accused of using the service, which Army prosecutors said preyed upon young, cash-strapped female soldiers at Fort Hood.

Master Sgt. Brad Grimes is a 17-year Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Army prosecutors said in the military court on Monday that Grimes participated in the prostitution ring set up by another Fort Hood sergeant not yet charged but still under Army investigation, the AustinAmerican-Statesman newspaper reported.

The case arose from an investigation of a lower-level coordinator of Fort Hood’s sexual assault and harassment prevention program. The Army said a noncommissioned officer involved in the program recruited female soldiers for the prostitution ring.

I helped with representation in the legal fallout from another alleged prostitution ring in the Army. These cases are never clean and require a great deal of diligence (and patience) from all sides.

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