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Discharge Upgrade Update

Based on a few trends in the field of discharge upgrades, I want to address a few things.

First, PTSD can be a valid reason for upgrading a discharge. However, despite persistent rumors to the contrary, it is not a guarantee. If you have a characterization of “Other Than Honorable,” it is persuasive to argue that an upgrade to Under Honorable Conditions (General) is warranted in order to gain access to services at the Veterans Administration (VA). Upgrading all the way to Honorable is more difficult and requires a very well-put-together file and presentation to the board.

Second, it is important to understand that the discharge upgrade process is a long one. All boards have significant backlogs. At this point, I tell my clients to wait 24 months for a decision or a personal appearance date. Please understand that, while having an experienced discharge upgrade lawyer can help with the presentation and composition of your case, it does not speed the process.

Thanks for reading. More soon.

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