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Upgrading Other Than Honorable to General Discharge

Posted October 18th, 2019 in Military Discharge Upgrades

If you’ve been discharged less than honorably from the military, you might have an Other Than Honorable discharge that is preventing you from qualifying for military benefits you worked hard to obtain.

It is not uncommon for people with this type of OTH discharge to feel they have been short-changed and even cheated by the government once they are out of the service. People with an OTH discharge might face stigma in trying to find a job. They might be turned away from utilizing veteran benefits they need.

People with OTH discharges often seek to upgrade their discharge. In some cases, a military discharge attorney will be able to get an upgrade from OTH to Honorable. In other cases, you might get an upgrade from Other Than Honorable to General.

Some people might wonder if it’s worth it to try to upgrade an Other-Than-Honorable discharge to a General Under Honorable conditions. We sometimes have potential clients contact us to ask questions like “If I’m not likely to get an Honorable discharge out of it, is it even worth my time and money?”

It is understandable to wonder if your appearance before the discharge review board is unlikely to result in an Honorable discharge, should you even bother? This is a question you must answer for yourself based on advice from a discharge upgrade lawyer, your financial situation, and your personal and professional goals. However, there are many benefits you can receive with a General discharge that you cannot receive with an OTH discharge.

To learn more about the different types of discharges and whether or not a discharge upgrade would help you, you can find more information on the Discharge Upgrades section of our website or schedule a consultation.

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