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Do You Really Want Your DD214 Online?

Posted June 10th, 2019 in Military Discharge Upgrades

If you’ve been wanting to get your DD214 online instantly, without having to request your records and wait for the military to send you a copy, you might be interested to know that the Department of Defense is hoping to make the DD-214 form digital by 2024.

As reported by Military Times, there are some pros and cons involved in making these discharge forms available electronically. Easy access to digital documents is often a plus, but many people have concerns about privacy and the potential for others to easily access what could be an inaccurate DD214.

Many of our discharge upgrade clients come to us with inaccuracies reported on their discharge documents. Others have been discharged unjustly and are waiting to appear before the discharge review board to get their characterization changed. Of course, they want these errors or injustices to be corrected as soon as possible. But these things take time. The discharge upgrade process can take more than a year, not because your discharge upgrade lawyer isn’t working hard on your case but because you’ll often have to wait many months for your board date. Meanwhile, the veteran’s DD-214 errors can cause them unnecessary problems and stigma.

While fast and easy access to your DD-214 might sound appealing, research conducted by the Rand Corporation recommends that the Defense Department first create a better way to make sure discharge documents are accurately reflecting a veteran’s service record. No one wants to be denied veteran benefits they deserve based on an inaccurate DD214.

If you’ve spotted errors on your DD-214 or want to see if it’s possible to upgrade your discharge, sign up for a consultation with a discharge upgrade lawyer.

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