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Discharge Upgrade Success Rates

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from potential clients is about military discharge upgrade success rates. We get a lot of emails that begin with questions like “How many army military discharge upgrades have you guys done?” or “How many cases like mine has Mr. Mayer won?” When hiring a lawyer, many people believe it’s important to interview the attorney about past success rates with similar cases in order to determine whether that lawyer might be able to “win” their own case.

Asking these types of questions can be helpful in many areas of law practice, but in the case of upgrading your discharge “What is your success rate?” might be the wrong question. Any lawyer who tells you that past results can predict future outcomes in discharge upgrade cases likely cares more about getting your money than the outcome of your case.

The fact is that even if The Mayer Group successfully upgraded every PTSD related discharge for every previous client in the past, for example, your discharge might have zero chance of an upgrade due to the circumstances of your specific case.

When the discharge review board considers whether to grant you an upgrade, they are looking at the circumstances surrounding your discharge and what led up to it, your service record in its entirety, whether the discharge was fair and proper, and in many cases what your life has been like outside of the military. Measuring the potential outcome of your case based on hundreds of previous successful upgrades a law office claims to have achieved is a mistake, because no other case will be exactly like yours.

It is important to hire a military attorney who has experience with the discharge upgrade process – the more experience the better. But just because a military lawyer’s practice revolves primarily around discharge upgrades, like our office’s does, does not guarantee you a positive outcome.

Because past results are not a guarantee for future cases, Mr. Mayer offers in-depth 30-minute phone conferences to evaluate your case’s pros and cons. He is experienced enough to know the right questions to ask about the circumstances of your discharge to determine whether your case might be successful based on its own merits, whether or not you decide to retain him to represent you at a board.

If you want to consult with a discharge upgrade lawyer about your case, you can schedule a consultation through our website.

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