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Is It Worth It to Try to Upgrade My Military Discharge?

Potential clients frequently contact us to ask if it’s worth it to try to upgrade their discharge. Considering the cost of a discharge upgrade lawyer, it’s a reasonable question many veterans have. Hiring an attorney versus trying to upgrade your own discharge can be a big decision.

This question is a difficult one to answer without more details about the veteran’s service record and reasons for their discharge, how long ago the discharge occurred and what the person’s life has been like in the meantime. Evaluating whether or not a discharge has a chance of being upgraded usually takes a conversation of at least half an hour, which is why Mr. Mayer offers phone conferences specifically for this purpose.

When deciding whether or not it’s worth it to hire an attorney, it’s important to consult with a discharge upgrade lawyer who is willing to properly evaluate your case and give an honest assessment of what your chances will be. While many attorneys provide free consultations for the purpose of convincing you to hire them regardless of whether your case is likely to be successful, Mr. Mayer takes a different approach. If after consulting with you about your case, Mr. Mayer assesses that your discharge is not likely to receive an upgrade, he will be honest with you and tell you you’re better off saving your money.

You also might want to consult with more than one lawyer before deciding whether to hire one to help upgrade your discharge. We often are contacted by veterans who say things like “I spoke to another law firm that said I have a great case.” However, once Mr. Mayer evaluates the case, he might determine that the person’s chances of an upgrade are very slim. You will ultimately have to trust your gut on whether or not upgrading your discharge is something you want to pursue with or without an attorney.

If you would like to consult with a discharge upgrade attorney, you can schedule a phone conference through our website.

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