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Do I Need a Military Discharge Upgrade Lawyer Near Me?

People commonly contact us to ask “Can you help me find a military discharge upgrade lawyer near me?” Many types of law require you to hire a local lawyer. For cases that fall under certain jurisdictions, you will need an attorney who is licensed to practice law in your state. When it comes to upgrading your military discharge, you don’t need to hire a local lawyer unless you prefer to do so.

If you choose to upgrade your discharge through a record review, it doesn’t matter what state your attorney is in. Record reviews are conducted by paperwork and/or electronic correspondence. You can communicate with your attorney by phone and electronic correspondence. Your attorney will communicate with the board the same way.

Unless you prefer to sit down face-to-face with an attorney, there is no true benefit of hiring a local lawyer. In fact, a local law firm might charge you more for the privilege of being able to meet with them in their office but turn out to be less experienced in handling discharge upgrade cases. It could pay off in the long run to shop around for an attorney who specializes in military discharge upgrades, regardless of location.

If you do a personal appearance before a board, you and/or your lawyer will need to appear before that board. You do not necessarily need a local lawyer for this either, because most discharge upgrade lawyers frequently travel to appear before the boards in Washington D.C.

When a personal appearance is involved, some attorneys will charge more than others to appear on your behalf. You might be surprised to learn that many local law firms charge more than out-of-state lawyers for discharge upgrade cases. This is in part due to the high costs of operating a law office in the DC area.

The Mayer Group represents veterans across the United States as well as people currently residing in other countries. Whether you prefer to do a record review or appear before the discharge review board, you can sign up online for a consultation.

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