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Posted April 14th, 2014 in Military Law

It is always a privilege to represent service members and veterans. It is particularly invigorating when I have the opportunity to visit them at their duty station for a hearing or board. Here are a couple of notes from my recent travels across the midwest.

1. The Army Trial Defense Service does a fantastic job. They are focused, capable, and extremely professional. Being able to work on cases alongside them is a true privilege, and I learn something from them during every case. Forming a team with them as the cornerstone is the beginning of a great defense for soldiers.

2. Working hard early means better chances later. In the last couple of weeks, we had a couple of great results for clients. Most of this is attributable to hard work by client and counsel in the early stages. If you can stay ahead of the prosecutor/government counsel, your chances of success go up.

3. Don’t assume that you can fall back on the Discharge Review Board if you are unsuccessful at fighting your administrative separation. Being able to appeal for a discharge upgrade to the discharge review board is a powerful right. However, it is a dicey proposition. Your chances at the DRB increase if you work hard on your case while still in uniform.

4. Keep copies of all (ALL!) records. Don’t throw anything out. Scan a copy to a secure online backup service.

5. Be truthful with your lawyer. This can never be overstated.


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